Monday, December 29, 2014

Ain't exactly Skype but it'll do :)

wow wow wow where do i begin first of all christmas was amazing mostly because i got to see your bright smiliing faces haha you guys look awesome!!! haha nice to see dude to still looks like an old man in dog years haha but yeah im so glad that you guys are doing awesome!!! and healthy :) sounds like you guys had a lot of fun going through the festival of lights ahhh i love the festival of lights theres kinda a festival of lights here because theres always fireworks going off in the night haha so christmas was good for us we got to hang out with the zone leaders while they talked to there familys and drank hot choclate stuff with a family in the ward :) its kinda hard to find people to teach on christmas because they are all leaving or with a lot of famliy but the christmas eve was fun to because we had a dinner with famliy that are members :) there awesome we had barbaque chicken with beans tortillas and salad :) :) was delicous :) before christams was fun to haha kinda a funny story the day before christmas we were contacting people and this one guy invited us into his house and stuff and told us that his apastolico i think our something like that anyways he just railed on us and elder hernandez was pulling out scriptures left and right showing how wrong he apastolicos are haha super funny and he would always say stuff like you guys are just trying to preach about joseph smith and the gospel.of joseph smith and i got so sick of him saying stuff about joseph smith so finally i was like hey hermano was does my name tag say hes like uhhhh i dont know and uhhhh well i dont know how to read and im like haha you cant read what you dont want to hermano this name tag says the church of jesus christ so stop saying this is the church of joseph smith haha he didnt respond hehe, but we just went like 10 mins more explaining how his church is wrong becuase he was trying to fight the bible with us but my comp knows the bible like he knows the back of his hand haha so sick, but we left in peace so thats good haha something super funny my comp said is pulled out the scripture that talks about the stick of judah and stick of ephraim because the guy doesnt belive in any other book than bible and so my comp was like hermano whats the stick of judah and the guys like well the bible and than my comp asked whats the stick of ephraim (book of mormon) he said he didnt know and my comps like THAN GO AND ASK YOUR PASTOR haha its so bad to fight but this one time was super funny im sorry, but elder hernandez was on a roll anyways back to the eamil mom i hope that with the photos that i send you you are saving them :) just in case anything happens to my sd card just make a file on the computer maybe and save them there thanks :) haha after talking with you guys remember how you talked with the relief society pres. after talking she was like wow your famliy is beautiful haha i was like yeah i know and that at church yesterday i heard her talking to the other sisters in the ward shes like yeah i talked with elder tanners famliy they are a good looking family haha just thought i would share that with ya keep up the good looks everyone :) haha  so we dont have a whole lot of investigators this week but we do have some awesome ones :) 

Sergio he is like 25 years old has 2 kids and a wife and hes the one that we helped him was his car and he was asking golden questinos like all churchs have the bible how can we know the difference he didnt make it to church but we are going to check up on him this week to see hows he doing with reading the book of mormon and the pamphlet of the restoration we gave him :) 

Paulino... haha well pualino haha hes a good guy hes like 65 years old and has attended church meetings in the past and has been taught by the hermanas but has just about forgot everything :/ so we are teaching him everything again he came to church and i got to sit next to him and we talked about john deere and stuff because he works for a farm equipment company that is a competitor with john deere haha 

Javier this guy is a champ we are helping the zone leaders teach javier he is missing a leg and has a cast on the other and right now is in a wheel chair, and came to sacrament meeting usually his sister gives him a ride to the church but this time we couldnt so me and my comp had to hurry to his house and walk him in his wheel church to the church which was like 8 blocks away but it was super funny because hes a kinda old dude but super funny with a lot of stories :) 

Hector we contacted hector outside of his house the other day and taught him just a lil bit about what we do as missionaries just made small talk get to know him and hes like 60 years old has a wife and i was like hermano why do you like living in guasave and he said the muchachas (girls) hahhahaah super funny but were hoping that he comes to church next time he didnt make it this time, his wife is super catholic but we are going to try and soften her up haha

This is me with my companion and one of the zone leaders drinking this weird hot choclate kinda stuff with like rice and i dont know what im saying but it was super thick and wasnt the same as hot choclate but it was good.... :)

This is one of our zone meetings the photo session is always a lil loco.

So this is where i work as you can see there are a lot of houses for us to contact ;) haha  

haha i loved this present thank you mom :) I am a minimary ;)

Well thats all family i hope you guys have an awesome week and know that i love you so much thanks for everything happy new year and let me know if you need anything I Love you guys
Love Elder Tanner :)  

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