Monday, January 12, 2015

Big News

got some big awesome news!! WE GOT BIKES!!! one of the members bought them for us!!! i love this ward the members are so flipping nice there not the most golden pieces of work but they are bikes and the members are flipping awesome!!! its so cool and there is so much love for the missionary work here in this ward ahhhh its awesome!!! but how are things going back hoome in the good ole spanish fork, sold the nissan huh haha every good lil truck has to go eventually... :/ but believe me theres plenty more in the world especially here in mexico haha and if you ever need some chrome just send me a message and i can get ya a good portion of chrome haha, thats cool that jord and krystle got to talk to CJ sounds like hes doing good and mooks sounds like hes doing good haha we are takling a lil bit in our emails and we are already planning a trip to disneyland haha. thats too bad about austin seamons hes a tough kid and will get right back on the horse and finish his mission :) haha thats tight that hunter nilson is coming to the mission ill back talking to him a lil bit by email. haha so saturday our zone leaders called us and there like elderes we need you guys to go to mochis for us we have appointments and cant go to get the materials for our zone today can you go and we are like yeah sure why not so we take a hour long bus ride to a church in mochis where there is the materials walk in a presidente is having a meeting with all the zone leaders and distirct leaders in the mission haha and we are like.... ummm okay... haha so we just sit there haha and we arent supposed to be there becuase.. well we arent leaders but then pres. was like we going to do a practice of contacting people in the street so is there a companionship that would like to practice in front of us and my comp hurry stands up and is like yeah we will do it haha i was like ELDER!! haha so we got do the practice in front of all the big kids lots of fun.... but this week was good we didnt have a ton of lessons with investigators but we had a lot with less actives and we had quite a few attend church so thta was cool, but we had 3 family nights this week and that was a lot of fun :) and we are going to have another wedensday with like 4 familys :) haha the members love to have family nights with us :) its super fun to hang out with them for a lil bit, but we also had good lessons with investigators this week :) we went with the sister missionaries in our ward to give one of their invesigators a blessing and it was super cool, because hes been struggling with bipolarismm, and skitsophrania and now he says he is feeling a lot lot better he invited us to have dinner with him and the sister misisonaries this week so we are going to do that :) and he will be getting baptized in 2 weeks!!! super cool he is a really good guy as for our investigators Sergio, javier, and Paulino, José

Javier attended church this week and we taught him a lesson he has a baptism date for 14 of feburary, we just have to get him to listen because he likes to talk haha but no worries

Paulino well we had to kinda chew him out for thinking the catholic church is true we gave him like 6 examples as to why the catholics arent true, preisthood, the virgin, the pope and other stuff he knows the book of mormon is true but thinks the catholic is the most true church and were just like broooo,.... if the book of mormon is true joseph smith was a profet if joseph smith was a prophet than we have the pristhood and the mormons is the only true church and hes just like... ummm well.... and says something super random haha hes a lil hard headed, but we are going to keep working with him

Sergio is a really cool dude we have taught him quite a bit and had been reading a lil in the book of mormon so we set up a baptism date for 14 of feburary :) and hes going to conntinue to pray and read for the truth :)

José is a lil harder to teach because his wife doesnt want us to teach him but we are going to try to have lessons in the church instead of his house, and feels like our church is true so we just got to follow through with him :) and also we made a baptism date with him 14 of feburary :) hopefully he continues to listen to us his wife will allow us to teach him and he can attend church :)

haha so we had a "noche de hogar" :) haha (family night) with like 2 families in the ward one is less active so that was cool to hang out with them we played a game becuase their was a ton of kids me and my comp shared a message about the importances of the family in the church and then we ate elotes!!! corn on the cob mayonaise chile peper lime and hot sauce!!! so goood haha the one with the corn of cob in my eye is a representacion of nacho libre haha also the guy with the cup in his hand green jacket is soooooo funny haha i love the guy

haha these are some of the same photos of the family night so how the people cook soup or boil water here is they got a lil stove thing where they got the fire and a piece of sheet metal or something over the fire and booom cooking in no time haha :) so me and my comp saw this and were like hermana you got marshmellos? haha so we roasted some marshmellos!! this is our investigator Javier haha hes such a cool dude, his story is he got his leg cut of by a train and broke they other one... but hes chill, and the other is us today at a chinese food place eating sushi

Well thats all famliy sounds like you guys are doing most excellent and i hope you guys all have an amazing week and let me know if you need anything love you guys so much and thanks for prayers, emails, and letters, i love you guys Love Elder Tanner

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