Monday, January 26, 2015


mi familia :) hello everyone!! how is it going :) sounds like a lots been going on :) thats super cool about the ward that we are getting all new presidencies, and in the stake also!!! im sure all the new leaders are going to do awesome!! sounds like schools going good for the kids :) Payt and Syd :) haha man Payt has got to cool it down in the welding and body shop sounds like hes tearing it up out there he keeps doing that he will be working for pimp my ride in a year ;) and syds still cheering sounds like things are getting a lil more intense as it gets closer to the tornemnents haha i dont know how cheer works but do some awesome flips syd!!! :) sounds like work is going good, hope dad and wes are staying busy!! i know they dont hope for that sometimes haha but work is a whole lot better than no work ;) thats how it is in the mission field and im pretty sure it applies to life too ;) sounds like jordan and krystle are doing just dandy in there new house, they outta just hop the boarder and send me some cafe rio ;) haha so this week was good :) lil bit slower but still got the jobs done :) we found some new investigators they are 12 and 10 year old lil girls haha there parents are members but they are inactive and so a famliy in a ward said we should teach them and so we are doing that and we got a baptism date for the 14 of feburary :) also this week was kinda fun because we had intercambios (exchanges) haha so we have exchanges with our distirct leader and his comp, and the distirct leader is Elder Smith and his comp is super green he just came to the mission and he is from Canada so he is learning spanish and doesnt speak a whole lot, but hes learning :), so i thought that i would be going with elder smith becuase he has a lot of time in the mission and he knows more spanish than me, but elder smith said that i would be having elder robbins (canada) as my comp :) i was like whhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttt so we met up wedensday and changed comps elder robbins stayed with me in our area and elder hernandez went with elder smith in his area, and im not going to lie and im not trying to be cocky i promise, but it was the best day we had in the week when i was with elder robbins, and im going to sound super cocky right here but its for a good cause, its that i taught every lesson and had to contact every person in the street cuz elder robbins doesnt speak spanish and that day i prayed super hard for the gift of tounges so that i could teach and talk with clarity for elder robbins, and it happened it was awesome we got a lot of new investigators this day and was super cool, prayer and gift of tounges is real and this church is true!! haha, lunch yesterday was kinda funny after church we went to the exbishops houses and his wife was cooking outside (thats where they cook and eat) and shes like elders you know how to make gorditos haha and were like umm no.... we know how to make cereal haha and shes like its easy and explained and she had all the stuff out and shes like i have to go right now becuase my brother needs me and shes like can you guys make your food and we were just like sure, haha turned out to be good!! haha but we just sat there at her house no one home it was super werid but kinda funny making the gorditos haha Something really cool this week is that we have been working with a famliy that is less active and they have a son who is like 45 years old and his been a drunk for a long time like literally he is always drinking when his thirsty he drinks beer and whisky he doesnt know what water is, but weve been teaching im and trying to get him to stop and the other day we stoped by the house and he was up walking around normal and talking normal and had stopped drinking we shared a message and said that he would go to church and this sunday he went!!! he said the closing prayer of our lesson we kneeled down and gave thanks to our heavenly father for the help he has recieved fetch!!! I was whipping my eyes by the end trying not to let them see the tears in my eyes it wasnt a baptism but we chagned the life of this man and i was telling my comp that i think that is something better than 20 baptisms it was so beautiful to see the joy and peace in his eyes saying that he is stopping drinking and going to church :) This church changes people its always here to help people, and we just need to share it, never lose hope and never stop praying!!! also we visited another less active yesterday and we she opened the door she just started crying she said that this had been the hardest week of her life, she doesnt have any money, she lost her job, and she is super sick, we went into her house and trying to help her, and we shared a really beautiful message and a scripture came into my mind and i thought i should share it and in the middle of her teary eyes i said hermana i just wnat to share this scripture with you its in Mosiah 24: 13-14 and i told her that this life is full of struggles but just because we have them doesnt mean God is leaving us hes always with us and will always help us :) well i dont have a lot more time to write but just know that i love you guys and that this church is perfect and this church is true and our savior Jesus Christ lives and our Father in Heaven also :) I love you guys have a great week and keep smiling :) Love Elder Tanner

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