Monday, January 19, 2015

Swag on bikes

Hey fam... What what what what is up?? que PASO hope you guys are doing awesome sounds like you are :) crazy that we will be getting a new stake presidente, Pres. christensen has done really well :) i really enjoyed having him as a stake pres., but he has definatly done his time haha, and it will be cool to see who is able to take his spot :) whoooo party week haha that will be awesome to celebrate the birthdays of weston and grandpa :) this week be sure to sing feliz cumpleaƱos for me haha ;) thats cool you got to listen to the speaker talk about dengue haha sounds like a cool dude :) they say that the people who get the dengue are the best looking becuase the mosquitos want there blood.... ;) haha but really... ;)
so this week was super good and fun and spirtiual and tiring and every other emotion you can think of becuase thats the life of a missionary but the feeling you have more than any other is happy so no worries haha :) so our bikes are holding up just dandy :) im loving it we arent arriving to our appointments 45 mins late so its a lot better we had a lot of lessons with new investigators this week not as many with less acitves but still had some :) so saturday we got to go to a baptism of the missionaries in a branch next to our ward super cool to see them get that goal :) theyve been working hard with a young kid his name is Johan :) theres a new elder in our disitrict hes from canada haha super cool dude :) haha so funny story sunday... me and my comp got to the church early so we could walk to get javier in his wheel chair at his house so we started walking to his house and along the way we passed these kids who literally are like 5 years old and they were chilling on there bikes we passed them no problem but than they started yelling at me like hey guerro (white guy) i just started laughing and waved at them haha but they kept saying stuff and started to say swear words and a bunch of dirty stuff they called me and my comp gay haha and than they started to chase us on our bikes haha we didnt run or anything they just started circling us on their bikes as we walked haha was the weirdest thing and i couldnt stop laughing there these lil kids on there bikes just got done using traingwheels and there circling us saying swear words and than one kids throws his bike down and is like "LETS PEG THEM" and starts to pick up rocks to throw at us haha thats when i lost it i was laughing so hard i was almost rolling on the ground laughing and his friends are like throw it yeah throw it and my comp started to pretend like he was going to run at the kid with the rock and he freaked out and ran away, haha and then he just came right back with his rocks and his friends behind him and by this time i had taken my camera out and started taking a video haha but i couldnt hold the camera still becuase i was laughing so hard, so the kid chased us down and started throwing these lil rocks at us haha he never hit us, becuase missionaries are protected ;) haha i think he was just a bad throw finally he left still swearing but super funny :) haha and than we had to run javier in his wheel chair to the church we ran like 8 blocks with a old guy who doesnt have a leg in a wheel chair i said to my comp as we were running "elder i hope people dont think we are kidnapping him from the rest home" haha but we got to church on time and all was well :)
but as for the investigators this week :)

Javier attended this week in church again he has like 6 times atttending church and the goal is to get his baptism for the 31 of january the problem is that he loves to talk and doesnt listen a whole lot so we cant really teach him the doctrine haha but we are going to keep working with him

Sergio ahhh i want sergio to attend church so bad hes such a good guy with so much potential and he has learned so much i really hope he will start to go to church we are going to have a lesson with him tonight :) and we are going to try and keep the date of 14 of feb.

Carlos is a guy that we contacted the other day and taught him about the preisthood and the prophets and he realizes no that there is only one true church and we gave him the invataion to be baptized 14 of feb. he said hes going to learn more from us he wasnt able to go to church becuase of work but hopefully he can go this sunday :) hes a really good guy and really receptive hopefully he continues to accept us and learn more so he can recieve an answer that this church is true :)

Here are some pictures of us visiting a rest home.

We also made some tortillas...
Well family thats all for this week really sorry for the shortness of the letter but i hope you guys have an amazing week with lots of success in work, school, church, or any other activity you guys are doing :) you guys are awesome and i love you guys so much thanks for always being my stronggest support and helping me I love you guys!! Love Elder Tanner :) Look for the light of christ in every one :) cuz everyone has some :)

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