Monday, December 14, 2015


Heylllo Everyone!! 

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! its so close! ha, I'm just hoping that Santa knows that I got changed to Bacobampo ;) ''

I'm super sorry for the short letter I gave you guys last time, I just didn't have a whole lot of time, but I have learned that my area is a lot different from my older area ha-ha, Bacobampo is a branch, a pretty small branch, and its a little farm town ha-ha, but its cool, I found out last week too, that I'm First Councilor in the branch presidency, because there's not a whole lot of members, that just goes to show how little it is, but it is full of amazing and strong members!! 

I'm super grateful for the leadership that I learned before the mission, because I really didn't think the callings in my priesthood or scout groups would help me in the mission, but I realized it when the our branch had a branch meeting and our President doesn't like to and doesn't really know how to conduct the meeting, so I had to conduct the meeting with a bunch of adults from a different country!!! ha-ha I was super grateful for all the training I received before the mission, and I had to give them ideas on how we can be a stronger branch and it was really cool, and we are going to start focusing on strengthening the branch right now because it really needs it :) but there are amazing members in our branch :)  with very powerful testimonies, I'm super grateful to be working here with these people,

It has been pretty chilly this week actually ha-ha, I've had to put my jacket on every night because it really is kind of cold here it just doesn't SNOW!! awwww I don't know why but it doesn't :( ha-ha we were able to find some new investigators this week, because really the investigators that my comp had the last transfer aren't progressing and I had to tell him that its not worth it to waste our time with this people that aren't progressing, so we are going into this change with a lot of faith looking for new investigators :) we have a new investigator that is the son of a less active sister and she wants to return to the church and we are working with her son too!!! He has a baptismal date for the 31 of December we want to finish the year good :) and he was super excited so we are going to be working with him his name is Jose Luis :) 

I also found out that in this little farm town we have to travel to other farm towns that are on the outskirts of Bacobampo, and their are like 30!!! so every Thursday we have to work in the little towns, and they are super far away, we hitchhike to get there, because if we don't we are walking for an hour just to get to the first one!! I was able to ring up 4 rides with my hitchhikers thumb it was pretty cool ha-ha, my comp told me I'm super lucky because in the other transfer he and his comp got 4 in the entire transfer and I got it in one day ha-ha, in fact this area had bikes about 6 months ago but they got robbed, some punks jumped the missionaries with a machete and they had to give up the bikes!! ahhh but I was talking with President Munive about it Sunday because he came to see us and he asked me if I knew how to ride a motorcycle and I was like YES!! ha-ha and he's like we will see what we can do if they let motorcycles in a area so spread out like that!! I about peed my pants ha-ha I doubt that we are going to have motorcycles, but it would be so cool!! ha-ha but for now we are just going to keep using the hitchhikers thumb !!

 This Sunday we got to go to Huatabampo to see the dedication of the Tijuana temple!! its 40 minutes from our area so we hitchhiked again and we were flying in the back of a pickup truck down a highway in to know where and it was freezing because it was early in the morning ha-ha I thought I was going to die but we made it and it was super cool! Elder Dieter F Uctdorf talked about the hope and patience that these members had to for this temple because they haven't been able to go to San Diego temple that's the closest to them because  a lot of the Mexicans didn't have their visas so it made it hard for a lot of members to enter the temple and be sealed to their families and that's why this temple is such a blessing for them because its right where it needs to be, I truly felt a spirit super powerful for the love that these members had and the patience also, they are so grateful to have this temple!! I hope we have the same excitement and attitude that they have to enter the temple we are so blessed to have a temple so close 15 minutes away when the people here have to travel 2 or 3 days just to get to a temple we are so blessed :) 

 Well everyone that's all I got for you this week I know its another really short letter, ha-ha but Bacobampo is super cool and I'm sure that every week I will have a new story for you guys ha-ha, I love you guys so much and hope you all have an excellent week and enjoy the snow!! 

Love Elder Tanner  

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