Monday, December 28, 2015

Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas to everyone!! What a amazing wonderful happy time of the year to remember our Savior and be with family and loved ones :) it was an interesting week for us haha, but it was a good one also :) Bacobampo has treated us pretty well in this Chirstmas holiday :) I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas also :)  

Well to start the best part of this week was the Skype call with my family everyone is so big! haha it was so cool to see everyone happy healthy and smiling! But the craziest thing was seeing Nolan, holy smokes ha-ha I cant believe that so much time has passed, when I left he was the same size as Camden almost, but now he's walking around and talking  I was really speechless, but it made it all worth it when I got to play a little game of hide and seek with my nephew :) I truly felt something special, it's cool how the Holy Ghost not only protects us and guides us but also is the comforter and gives us hope and happiness, I truly felt that talking with my family this Christmas even though I wasn't with them and I was in another part of the world, I could still feel the love of my Family, and be with them in the Spirit of Christmas :) Our Heavenly Father loves us so much to have given us this gift that we can always have with us The Holy Ghost a member of the God Head to be with us and guide us :) It was also really cool to be talking with my family from 4 different parts of the world, Utah, Iraq, Texas, and MEXICO haha, we are kind of spread out right now but as they say Love has no Boundaries :) Payton now has the voice of a tank, and he looks huge! haha couldn't see Weston but it was so cool to hear his voice :) It truly was a very special Christmas :)  

Christmas day we went to eat lunch with a sister named Sister Adelisa, she gave us a ton of food!, I have been eating so much! haha I wouldn't be suprised if I have to buy new pants ;) and we were also able to visit other members to, its kind of a weird day to work as a missionary because everyone is with their families or they are getting drunk, so lots of people reject us but the members always recieve us and are super good to us, it didn't snow but it sure was cold, its humid here so when the wind blows it feels like your wet and getting pounded by a hurricane haha kinda cool but kinda freezing too! haha  

Its kind of different here because Christmas Eve is the real party here or as they say "La Pachanga" haha in USA its calm Christmas Eve but here we went to a members house to eat dinner and they had a fire blazing, we were drinking a mexican drink thats like hot choclate called "Champurrada" around the fire its super good! I'm going to work on getting the recipe :) but then we had dinner and we had beans, pasta,Tortillas and a type of roast but the meat was lamb so it was a little different but super good, but the best part was when they brought out the Piñata!!! Me and my comp were letting the kids take a wack at it but nothing was happenening so they started asking us to do it but my comp didn't want to, but I was more than happy haha, I got a little crazy, felt like I was in the World Series in the 9 inning with bases loaded I was hitting it pretty hard so hard that my glasses flew off my head haha I felt like such a dork because I dropped to the ground and started feeling around in the dirt for the glasses like in the cartoons haha but I found them and kept going at it with the Piñata turns out they hadn't filled the Piñata with candy... they had filled it with flour, haha I realized it when I gave it a good hit and a bunch of powder fell on me so I left it to a kid to break it haha he broke it and all the Flour went every where it was cool haha :) so it was a really cool Christmas Eve we weren't able to see the fireworks becuase we had to get home early but it was still super fun :) I'm wanting to bring this tradition home with the idea of the party Christmas eve.  

Haha the craziest things happened this week, so we had to go out to the little towns that are like 10/12 miles away to visit the people, but we started walking and were walking for a while but passed a huge truck, and we hitchhiked with him to the little town but the thing is is that the truck was so big! that when my comp tried to hop in the back, his pants ripped right down the middle with a big hole!!! haha I didnt realize it until we were getting out of the truck and it was so bad haha the hole was huge and couldn't be sewed so... what happened is that was the last pair of pants my comp had and the others also had holes haha, so we called President and explained what happened and he was like well I'll work on getting the pants but you guys have to keep working! so my companion has been leaving the house everyday for 5 days straight in blue jeans and a white shirt and tie haha its kinda funny but gotta do what ya gotta do, because President still hasn't gotten the pants and we are super far from any store, so weve been making lemonade with the lemons life has given us ;) haha 

This  Sunday was  kind of a stressed out sunday but a really spirtually filled sunday also :) haha start out I had to give a talk, teach sunday school, and teach priesthood basically what I'm saying is that in every block or every hour I gave the lesson! haha and I only had a talk prepared but I was able to give two other big lessons in each of the classes and it was super cool, haha a little different but super cool, Jose Noe didnt come :( he went to another city to visit his dad that doesn't live with his mom now :( kind of sad because we have to move his baptismal date but we are going to keep working with him, Please keep praying for him and his family :) and thank you guys so much for the prayers that you have been making in his behalf.

I hope you guys have an awesome New Year and make lots of goals!!! You guys are awesome and I love you all so much! I hope that we never lose the spirit of Christmas
I Love You Guys so much have an awesome week 

Love Elder Tanner

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