Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!! 
wow 2015 went by flying!! 
but here comes the big one!! 2016!! whoo thats awesome haha 

It was a prettty cool year this week ;) if you get what I'm saying haha, I'm terrible with jokes I know ;) but it was an interesting week, I forgot to tell you guys that Monday in the morning we gave service to a family, their dad has a problem with his legs and they needed fire wood to make food and sell it and to be able to cook food for themselves so me and my comp decided we would take a swing at it ;) another cheesy joke haha, but we got up early and went to their house to cut fire wook, well its not like when I would cut fire wood with dad haha, becuase we didn't have a chainsaw just the good old fashioned axe!! haha we had to cut down a big ole tree!! we had to  cut down the tree and clean the branches with a machete! haha but it was cool, I left with a couple of blisters but it was cool, I liked getting out and working a little bit!  

Then Tuesday in the afternoon we found out that we would be having our Chirstmas Party as a mission on Wedensday in Obregon, so we had to go to Navojoa and sleep there for the night tuesday and wake up super early to go to Obregon for the party!! It was cool, because I was able to call some Elders from my Old district, and sleep with them!! it was super cool to see them, and see how they are doing and hear about the people that I had to interview for baptisms and how they are doing!!! Wedensday in the morming we woke up at like 4 to get ready and go to Obregon and we got there at like 8, it was super cool because I was able to see a lot of my old companions Elder Yoo, Elder Hernandez, Elder Rivas!! haha I love them all so much and it was so good to hear from them and see them, Elder Rivas is going to be finishing the mission in about 2 months super crazy!! in the Christmas party Pres. let us get into sport clothing and play some games it was super fun to relax a little and be with other missionaries! then we had a christmas dinner!! some senor missionaries Gringos made the christms dinner it was super good, but the gringos forgot to buy tortillas :( haha, we had turkey, pototes, yams, stuffing, corn, and all sorts of good stuff it was awesome!!! then to finish the party we were able to have a talent show! the district we did a play about what Christmas is like in the mission it was super funny and I was finaly able to get my package, and I found myself, the most amazing tie!! haha its a tie with a bunch of flowers on it haha I love it! a brother in the branch asked me if I was a gardener before the mission hahaha I thought it was pretty funny, 

Well it was kinda rough Wednesday because we got to Navojoa late because of the party in Obregon, and there weren't any buses that went by Bacobampo, so we had to sleep another night with the elders from my old district haha two nights in a row sleeping on the ground with just a blanket haha but it was worth it super fun :) we were able to have dinner with a sister in the branch, and she made us pozole its really popular here and one of my favorite dishes its super good :) we didn't stay up till 12 haha thats not for missionaries but it was a good year thanks for everything guys and I hope you all have an amazing week, I don't have a whole lot of time to write, but I'm so thankful for the support that you guys gave to me in 2015, and I know that you will continue to do it in 2016, thank you guys so much for your love and I hope that in this year that comes we can all make goals, both spiritually and physically to be better I love you guys so much and have an awesome week there is so much more that I would like to write but I don't have enough time haha, but I'll be sure to let you guys in on total next week :) I love you all, Love Elder Tanner

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