Monday, January 18, 2016


Time Flies!! I cant believe it, another change has gone by, well I'm still here in Bacobampo ha-ha, but my companion Elder Guardado got assigned to another area he was sent to Obregon, and I got my new companion today Elder Sanchez, He's a good guy he's got 6 months in the mission and is from the same generation as my son Elder Vaca, Elder Sanches is from Puebla, ha-ha he's a pretty funny kid, he's really sarcastic and is always making jokes :) 
So it was a pretty good week this week, We had a conference in Huatabampo with other missionaries and we taught and helped people do their family history work, and genealogy, because the district is getting ready to go to the temple, so we are helping the branch's get ready to go. It was a really cool conference and it made me realize how cool family history work is, and also made me feel bad for never doing it before the mission but I'm so grateful that we have done it, because it truly is such a big blessing to be able to do it because we are the only church that can do it, because we have the power and authority from God to do it :) So please just know that I will be working hard in that after this mission, its really such a cool thing to look for our ancestors and be able to baptize them and do the ordinances necessary so they can be with us forever :) I cant really work on it right now but I will when I get back :) so please let Aunt Maurine know that I will be hoping for a temple trip and that she teaches me more about the family history!!! because it truly is so special :)  

I truly felt the spirit of this temple work Sunday when I had to give a talk that I hadn't prepared ha-ha, my companion was directing the meeting and we needed people to give talks and I thought he would give a talk, because he was directing, but he said and now we will hear a talk from Elder Tanner about the family history ha-ha I gave him a couple slugs after the meeting for that but I was able to share some experiences and my testimony and some scriptures, that I have learned in the mission about this work and it was truly cool, because it fascinates me how the spirit puts words in our mouth to teach people true doctrine, and not only the people we are teaching but ourselves also, as I was talking and I said something that really touched my heart that I have always known but the principle was so clear that it truly touched my heart and made me want to work in this work, I said that as members baptized in the church and with temple recommends we have keys to open the door to the salvation of our ancestors! That in the spirit world there is a door with 2 different places on each end Spirit paradise and spirit prison, when we baptize our ancestors with the body we have we use the keys and open that door so they can pass from prison to paradise and experience the blessings of the true gospel! It made me feel so grateful for the love and confidence our Heavenly Father has in us to be in this time and generation to work with our ancestors and in the temple :)  

We also found a guy named Melquisdec (with a name like that he is asking to get baptized ha-ha) he is super cool and we have been having the lessons in the house of prayer and the questions to our answers are on point! ha-ha its so cool, like we aren't as missionaries accustomed to have people answer so good but his answers were like well I have to baptize me, and I have to be baptized in the right church, and a lot more, he has a baptismal date for 27 of February, so we are hoping to be able to baptize him this day. He would be a big help to the Branch because we need more Priesthood in the branch, but he's a little nervous and shy and unsure about baptism so please pray for him that he will feel what he has to do, and will feel comfortable with his decision to get baptized, he couldn't go to church this Sunday because he got sick :( but we are sure he will go this Sunday. 

We also have a sister named Maria or Mary ha-ha but she has 3 little girls that have the age of baptism and they came to a family night in the house of prayer and we watched a video about finding faith in Christ and she really liked it, so we are hoping to be able to baptize them too! :) it would be super cool to see the family get baptized but pray for her so that she recognizes the importance of the church in her life and her daughters lives, and that she wont be afraid to go to church because she lives with her cousins and mom and dad and they don't support her in her decision and they always try to get us to not teach her... but we are going to baptize her!! Pray with faith and we can do it!!! 
Well I'm really grateful that Heavenly Father has given me another transfer here I'm really trying to help strengthen this branch because it needs it, thanks so much for your support :) I truly do love you guys :) BE HAPPY AND KEEP SMILING  '
D&C 128:19 !!!  

Sorry for the short letter but I really do love you guys so much and thanks for everything :) 

Love Elder Tanner 

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