Monday, January 25, 2016

Wow Wow Wow 

What a cool week, ha-ha for several reasons, but the problem is that every time I get onto the computer I forget everything happened ha-ha...  but ill do my best to remember ;)   

So Tuesday we had a lot of success and were able to start the week awesome finding new people to teach and it was a really good day then we found out that night, that in the morning we had to be in Obregon for a special Conference directed by the Apostles to the missionaries around the world!! super cool! But we had to wake up at 3:00 in the  morning to get ready and take the earliest bus possible at like 4:30 or 5, to get to Obregon on time!! ha-ha, but I really wasn't all that tired, until it started to get late that day ha-ha but the Conference was awesome!! I was able to see a lot of my companions and Elders from my district!! ha-ha I saw my son Elder Vaca!! ahhhh it was soo cool to see him! haha, but it was pretty crazy because I found out that I'm a Grandpa now because Elder Vaca is training someone ha-ha and my Father was there Elder Flores!! so in the conference we had 4 generations of missionaries Elder Flores, Elder Tanner, Elder Vaca, and Elder Cofler ha-ha super cool its like family history, but yeah it was super good to see Elder Vaca haha one of my best companions, but I also saw Elder Guardado and Elder Hernandez that was with me in Aeropuerto, really good to see all of them but, the Conference was the best part, they talked a lot about how we can find more people to teach and the importance of the Holy Ghost in our lives, and in the missionary work, and in the conversion of the people that are members, less actives, or investigators, it was awesome, and in fact we heard and excellent talk from W. Christopher Waddell! The mission President of Jordan and Krystle, he gave a really good talk! we than got back to Bacobampo, 

Thursday we did Exchanges with the Zone Leaders haha Elder Coello came  with me in Bacobampo and Elder Sanchez went with Elder Robbins haha this is like the 4 time I have done exchanges with Elder Coello haha I think we must be pretty good friends, but it was chill haha we did a ton of exercise!! haha nobody would listen to us it was so weird we went with so many people and looked for new people but they just didn't want to hear it, super crazy, it was kind of depressing too, but it just goes to show that we don't ever know what will happen in the life the only thing we can do is press forward with a smile and our heads up looking for opportunities in life :) but it was a good exchange haha we went to work in a little town, and we found a sister that would listen to us but the problem is that she is from an Indian tribe like in Utah and Arizona there are Indian tribes and reservations and stuff like that, here in Mexico also, and this sister didnt know spanish she just knew how to talk in the Indian dialect of Mayo, here in Sonora the biggest and most known tribes are the Yaquis and the Mayos and the Yaquis are around Obregon and the Mayos in Navojoa and since we are kind of close to Navojoa we found this sister that speaks Mayo, I learned a little bit when I was in Navojoa, haha but it was like I was starting the mission over and I couldn't speak the language, haha but she was worried about leaving her house alone to go to church and I noticed that she had a pig, and I knew how to say pig in Mayo so I explained to her in mayo "that no worries her pig can keep watch or take care of the house" ha-ha she thought it was pretty funny!, also at the end of the lesson her daughter in law showed up that speaks Spanish and mayo so we had her explain a couple things, but at the end of the lesson  the sister asked us if we knew how to castrate a pig, because she wanted to do it with the little piggy that the Mayan sister had  and my comp didn't know how, but I realized that I did, because I had learned how from my time working in Palmyra when I went to help Brand, castrate, and give shots to the cows ha-ha.... I told her I know how, and she was trying to get me to do it ha-ha, but I really didn't want to ha-ha, I know we are supposed to give service and all that but not this type ha-ha, my companion was dying laughing, because the sister really wanted me to do it haha, and I just kept refusing haha she finally gave in haha, but maybe we will go  by on pday in normal clothes and get the job done haha, kind of a funny story 

Saturday we had a District Conference with the 4 branches that are in this district and we were able to see President Munive and Sister Munive and Sister Munive brought me some cards from Christmas haha, late but I got them so no worries, and I just want to say thank you to all the ward members that signed the cards that really did lift my heart and made me feel so good :), I have grown up in the Wolf Hollow ward all my life and I have learned some amazing lessons from a lot of amazing people, friends, teachers, and family! Thank you for who ever did that and who ever signed the card I love you guys so much, but we also had a conference Sunday and it was super good too,  they talked a lot about the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy I have learned so much about that in the mission, the importance of the Sabbath day and it truly is such a blessing to have it and I hope that we can use it well and sanctify it and observe it :)  

This Sunday night was kind of hard because we got back to Bacobampo, and went with Melquizdec and we tried to share a message with him, and he told us that he didn't want to keep listening to our message, it was so weird it happened so fast, and we were just stunned :/ but we have to respect the agency of every person. But I learned that even in the hard times we cant sit down and rest we have to have a prayer in our heart and a life filled with love, and that's what I had to do, I really did get kind of upset, but I know that being mad or sad wont do any good, I really had to pray and ask for help, and Heavenly Father really did bless me and I felt the peace from the spirit and the drive to keep working :) and that same night we were greatly blessed through a less active, we went with a sister that is active that has a son that is less active and his wife isn't a member, and they just had a baby, so we decided to talk about eternal marriage and eternal family we sang families can be together forever and they loved the song, its a song from the primary but really brings the spirit, and that spirit was felt by the son of the sister, his name is Jesus Ramon, and we were able to testify and promise a eternal family through his diligence and commitment to keep the commandments and make the covenants necessary! and he felt the spirit so strong I started to asking him what he is willing to do to obtain this blessing, and he said whatever it takes, and I asked if he was willing to go to church, pray and read the scriptures and with him being filled with the spirit he said yes and then we explained that his wife would have to get baptized to be able to go to the temple with her :) and he said that he is going to talk to her about it and that he wants her to get baptized so they can go to the temple one day, he was so filled and so excited to talk to her about it, that he was asking for scriptures in the Book of Mormon that talk about baptism so he can share them with her :) We truly saw the hand of the Lord in this lesson and truly the spirit was felt because this less active had a change of heart and the desire to help his wife and newly born baby be together forever and all that is possible through the spirit of an eternal family, it is such a blessing! its what everyone looks for, but is only in this church because it is done under the divine power of the priesthood, We are so grateful for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost for the spirit that was felt in that lesson and I know that Families can be forever :) There names are Jesus Ramon and his wife Eva please pray for Eva so that she will feel the spirit that her husband felt so she will have the desire to get baptized and have an eternal family :) 

I love you guys so much thanks for everything
Love Elder Tanner  

How an Eagle Scout dries his pants fast haha thats a fan on the seat and a tie tied to my pants and the fan so the air passes through easier haha ;) 

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