Monday, February 1, 2016

Boom Boom

Wow sounds like its super "chill" in Utah right now haha ;)  well that's too bad because here its nice and toasty... haha, super good to hear from you all :) That's awesome that Syd got to go to Sweethearts with Dallin, looks fun, Holy Smokes Payton is taking a ton of classes with Auto Body and wood work, and welding haha that's awesome, that's got to be a lot of fun! I think ill need him to teach me how to weld again its been a while I always want to talk to someone that's welding and offer them a "service", so I can practice haha, and that's a pretty awesome picture of the equipment Weston is using haha, but I still think the Frontier was stronger ;) 

So it was a pretty good week, we got to see a lot of Miracles , haha I had a companion that would always say that Luck doesn't exist its the Hand of the Lord working Miracles in our Life, I really like that because it is true there are so many examples of the existence of God our Heavenly Father and the amazing things he does for us everyday, but lots of times we don't take the time to stop and realize these amazing miracles or blessings of A Loving Father in Heaven :) 

but wow there are some days that are just frustrating haha, like Tuesday, wow we had a ton of appointments with lots of people and only one was home that whole day so we had to spend a lot of time looking for new people or people that were home, haha and nobody was home I think there was an evacuation in the town and somebody forgot to tell us, but we were able to have success this day and it was cool :) Thursday we had a Branch Family night in the house of prayer, and... one sister came :/ haha, so we decided to clean the house of prayer super fast, and she helped us and all it was cool, but as we were leaving an hour later 5 more members showed up haha, so we decided to share a message with everyone super, quick I shared one of my favorite stories from the primary the wise man built his house upon the rock :) haha it was super cool, I have learned that the gospel is so simple that can be taught and understood by a child, but it is also so profound and deep that can help us resolve and overcome challenges and temptations when we comprehend it and live it, its the small and simple things that open the door of the heart of people for the spirit to touch the heart :) and Friday oooh Friday well we had to wake up at 3 in the morning again to go to another conference with President and Sister  Munive in Obregon, haha its pretty crazy walking around in the street at 3 or 4 in the morning! haha its super calm, but we talked to a guy later that day when we got back and he asked us if we heard the gun shooting that was in the street last night, and we were like at what time last night and he told us early in the morning like at 4 haha, we were like haha well we were in the street at that time haha kinda crazy, but we had an awesome conference with Pres. it was really spiritual but i was helping President unload his car with all the packages and stuff and there was a big white cooler with yellow tape on it and we asked him what it was and he told us energy shots ;) we later found out that the church headquarters sent the mission flu shots.. whooo :/ haha, but it was super funny see missionaries freaking out haha like my zone leader Elder Coello the same elder that did exchanges with me the other week was almost crying haha he wouldn't let go of me he was practically hugging me while they were giving him the shot haha, it reminded me of Sydney when we went to get shots haha, but i took it like a champ ;) but it was kinda funny Elder Guardado was giving the shots because he studied medicine before the mission so i told him he has to give it to me soft or ill never share cookies with him again haha, and he did, but super funny Elder Coello, we didn't get back to our area till 6 that day super late, but we were able to make a sandwich to eat and get working again, 
Sunday was super cool because we were able to see 3 investigators in the House of Prayer :) 

we have the Sister Rosa haha she is super funny, she is really trying to learn, but lots of times she doesn't understand the things because what the other churches have taught her and we have to tell her Rosa forget everything that they taught you before, and just accept what we are teaching you, haha no its a joke we don't say that haha, but I want to also she gets distracted a lot, haha but she is super good, we are trying to get her to accept a baptismal date. 

Also we have a super cool kid that we are teaching his name is Randy he's 14 but a super funny kid we found him through some less actives his grandparents are members and he is super excited to always learn and he went to church this week and we are working with him to baptize him the 27 of Feb. we are super pumped because he is such a cool kid :)  

also we have the sister Adrian another youth that her cousins and aunts and uncles are members and she wants to get baptized but her mom wont let her we are going to talk with her mom this week and ask for her permission 

Please Pray that they will all have the desire to get baptized and that the mom of Adriana will give her permission also with Randy and that Randy will feel good about his baptism :)   

Thank You guys for everything I love you all so much :) 

Love Elder Tanner 

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