Monday, February 15, 2016

hello Everyone, sounds like your all doing good, and that's awesome that its the open house for the Provo temple ahhh that's so cool enjoy it I bet its beautiful!! so I don't know if it told you guys but we bought some bikes, because ha-ha President Munive didn't want to buy us Motorcycles... ;) but we bought 2 bikes from a pawn shop here, that are pretty good ha-ha they don't have breaks but, its all good, and now we are going to work a little bit faster and easier, because of the little towns. 
Tuesday we had our district meeting, it was good, than we got back to Bacobampo, and ate and then we had to start our trip so remember Andrea and Jesus, how we are working with Jesus and his baptismal date is for the 27 of Feb. well they live pretty far away, in a little town, the first time we went it didn't seem to far way because we went with our branch president in his truck, but yeah its far away ha-ha so we left on our bikes and we were trying to find it, because its just a little dirt road and your cutting through fields, but we got there and we were able to teach them a really good lesson, we taught about Joseph Smith the restoration and the Book of Mormon and its so cool because they are reading as a family in the book of Mormon and praying together and everything and when they have a question they work together to solve it they are awesome! so we taught them and finished and, as we were returning back to Bacobampo it got dark so we were riding our bikes on a dirt road without light ha-ha it was pretty intense, but a car passed us and we watched it as it fell into a ditch, ha-ha, I think the dude might have been a little drugged, but we pushed his car out of the ditch and it tore off his front bumper head lights and all ha-ha, and he got out and was like woops, ha-ha didn't see the ditch, ha-ha we pushed him out and he went on his way with his front bumper and lights dragging ha-ha, it was the weirdest thing haha. but we got back to Bacobampo safe and sound haha,  

Wednesday we had a lesson with Rosa in the morning and we had to teach her about Adam and Eve, ha-ha its always an interesting lesson with people that have been in different lessons, but we were able to explain it well and she understood the importance of them partaking of the fruit, she accepted to be baptized but still doesn't want to accept a date!!! ahhhhhh haha its so hard to hear that when we know that she is ready!!! she knows its true and she knows she has to get baptized ahahha! but thanks you for your prayers and please keep praying for her :) she will get baptized  

Thursday we were able to have a lot of success! we talked with and taught a lot of people and were able to find some new investigators we taught a guy that has a awesome mustache its so long that he had pony tails in his mustache that are like five inches long I was going to ask him how long it took to grow it, but I didn't haha, he's  a good guy, but we also went with Randy because we ate with his grandparents who are members, and we talked to him a little bit about baptism and he also wants to get baptized but doesn't want to accept a date either!!! We invited him to pray about the date we put with him and he said he would pray, but I asked him if God answers his prayer that he should be baptized the 26 Of march would he get baptized and he said no, that is something normal that I have heard on the mission, and it truly does amaze me that the people are willing to deny the answer from God, and its really sad because they are putting the Natural man first, The invitation from and example that our elder Brother set was to do the will of the Father, many times when making decisions in life we should do an introspection and ask ourselves what it is that God wants us to do and not what we want to do but we are going to keep working with Randy :) also we went with Eva, and had a lesson with her member husband Jesus Ramon, and we talked about the Prophets and the importance of a prophet in these days :) they understood really well and we asked Eva if she would be baptized and she said Yes!!! whooo, but she wants to learn more before we put a date so we left them with some homework to study about baptism and we told them we would come back in a few days to see if they have questions, and to help them understand it better :) we also explained to her husband Jesus Ramon that is member that he would be able to baptize her and he got really excited about that so hopefully that helps them :), we also went with Jesus and Andrea that live in a far away town ha-ha I'm just going to call it far far away like in shrek haha, but this time we went in hitchhiking, we had a lot of luck and got a ride from a member that is from Navojoa, and I was able to talk to him a little about Navojoa since I was there for a good while haha, he took us right to the house of Jesus and Andrea, and we were able to give them a quick lesson and, then we went back to Bacobampo in a bus, because as we were walking down the highway a bus passed so we hopped on and got back to Bacobampo :) they are still super excited about the baptism but there is a little problem, they aren't married... and Andrea is married with another guy but doesn't live with him obviously, so we have to divorce Andréa and her ex-husband and marry Andréa and Jesus so he can get baptized, its going to be interesting but we are asking Pres. Munive for help and he gave us the number of Lawyer in Obregon that is member so we are going to call him tomorrow and see what he can do for us :) please pray for them so that they can prepare and do the things necessary to get baptized :)  

Friday we took this day to work in the little towns we worked in 3 little towns the first one is called Campitos, then Rodeo, and Wirachaka, we were knocking doors in Campitos and we were able to teach some people, but the whole town is catholic haha there is just one church and its a catholic so they weren't all to open to hearing us but then we went to Rodeo to eat with our Branch Pres. and work in his town, then we went to Wirachaka we were able to visit some less actives and invite them and investigators that we found to church.  

Saturday we had a power house lesson with the sister Adeliza and Rosa, Adeliza shared her testimony about baptism and we talked about our purpose in this life and we explained that there are 5 principles that we have to live in this life to live with our Heavenly Father, they are have faith, repent, get baptized, receive the holy ghost and endure to the end and we asked her what she lacks and she said it bright and clearer than day baptism haha so we invited her to be baptized and she said yes, but didn't accept date!! haha, we also went with Eva and Jesus to invite them to church and they said they would go so that was awesome! and we were able to visit a lot of people and invite them. 

Sunday!!! whoo the big day we got to the house of prayer 45 minutes early and when we got there Rosa was showing up and investigator!! more than 30 mins early to church!! we were shocked she just said she wanted to make sure she didn't show up late so she could take the sacraments haha!! she has to get baptized! also Eva showed up Adriana the girl that we are teaching whose mom wont let her get baptized, and also Andrea and Jesus came from far far away everyone was befriending our investigators it was really cool and Rosa is going to a relief society activity with the sisters to make desert for the family night we are going to have :)  we talked about our plan this month in the branch council and we explained that we are hoping to be able to baptize Jesus, Adriana, Eva, and Rosa this month but we need the help of the members so we are going to see what we can do and hopefully it will all work out... We know its going to work out, and please have faith you guys and pray for this people so that they can get ready and feel the desire to be baptized this day the 27 of February, I Know that we can do it!! 

Thank you guys for everything and I hope that you all have an awesome week :) and I know that we are going to see lots of Miracles this week :) 

Love Elder Tanner 

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