Monday, February 8, 2016

1 Nephi 19:17

So this week was pretty awesome! even though I got kind of sick we were still able to see lots of miracles and blessings :) Tuesday we were able to find a guy in the street,actually he found us haha his name is Felipe haha we were in front of the house of prayer waiting for a sister to arrive and accompany us to a lesson, but she never showed up haha.. but while we were waiting there, Felipe showed up and was like hey are you from Utah? I told him yes and he told me that he had lived in Ogden for a long time, working washing windows for the banks, he said he really liked it, we invited him to have a lesson in the house of prayer with us, but he said he was busy but we made an appointement with him for that same day in the night and so that night we had a really cool lesson with him and he explained to us his desires to change, but didn't want to get baptized.... haha oh well, we are going to keep working with him, because I think he just needs to learn more about the church and the importance of it and of baptism, Wedensday we had a family night with a sister that is so amazing her name is Sister Adeliza, she's like our little grandma haha she does everything for us, she always washes our clothes and makes us little treats, and she is the only member in her family and she really wants her family to be members too, so we decided to have a family night with them and it was pretty good, we were able to teach some of her kids and grandkids, but they explained that they are already in a church, and she and us understood that and we had to respect their decision, but it was still a really big sucess because we gained the confidence of them and it was a good family night, Sister Adeliza really liked it :) but this day and Thursday is when I didnt feel so good :), so we couldn't get a whole lot done but we were still able to visit some people. Friday we had our zone conference in Navojoa, it was really cool, they talked about the importance of using members in the work and it is so true we really can't do it without the members. We got back kinda of late, and this day we had to go to a little town far away so didn't get to eat until really late like at 4 or 5 but it was alright because we had a lot of luck because a guy pulled off to the side of the road and gave us a ride so that was really cool :)  We had a lesson with Rosa Saturday haha there are times when I realize how much the mission has taught me patience because there are alot of times when I'm ready to break out yelling and running down the street because the person knows that the message is true but doesn't want to accept it haha, so the lesson with Rosa was super good, but thats the thing, she knows its true, she loves to read the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets that we give her and she knows that she has to get baptized, but she doesn't want to do it haha she won't accept a baptizmal date, haha so we are battling with that, we think that we have to bring members with us so she can feel the influence of the members and feel their love and maybe that will help her get baptized :) we were able to invite lots of people sunday and wow we truly saw the blessings and work of the Lords hand this day because we had a tone of people come out. Sunday we changed the time schedule from 9 to 10 because its super cold in the morning , and we thought that it would make it eaiser for the people to get ready and also so that the people who live in far away towns can come on time :) we had 30 people in the house of prayer !!! it was awesome and even cooler is that we had 6 investigators!! haha I'm sure it doesnt sound like a lot for you guys but we have been having 12 or 15 people every Sunday and it doubled this week super awesome and we had lots of investigators, and so many things happend sunday haha i want to talk about it and I hope that I have enough time to write it all, so sunday we had a lot of people come out Rosa came, Adriana, A family that we are teaching that lives in a little town super far away!! and Eva the wife of Jesus Ramon that want's to be sealed some day!! super awesome also some less actives from a little town came! that was super awesome, but I'm learning a lot as councilor in this little branch I'm sure I dont know how dad feels but I think I'm getting a little taste of it and its cool I love it and I'm sure he loves it too thats why he spends so much time in the church sundays and mutual days :) thanks for the amazing example Dad and Mom for always magnifing your callings, but this sunday a girl from one of the towns came out she was a really active member but she got sick because she recently had a baby, so she hasn't been able to come but she is starting to come back, with her Mom and Dad, but she doesn't have the support of her husband he is a member but isn't active, so she showed up with her newly born baby and she had told us and the branch Pres. earlier that she wanted to present the baby girl and give her a blesing one Sunday well it was this Sunday and it was cool and all but I was a little suprised when we asked her who she wanted to give the baby the blessing and she choose me haha, so I had to give a baby blessing this Sunday without knowing before hand haha super crazy but it was cool, all sorts of stuff happens in the branch haha but it truly was a really special spirit, I'm sure its how Jordan felt when he gave the blessing to Camden just a couple weeks ago, but I also had to direct the music. That's right, Elder Tanner that before the mission didn't even sing hymns had to direct the music, haha I have really learned the beautiful spirit of the hymns they truly are so beautiful haha I'm sure I looked a little goofy directing the music but it was cool :) I also gave my testimony this week about love, and I was able to talk about my Mom the very best teacher and example of true love, I testified that the love of our Heavenly Father is simliar to the love of a mother, I also talked about the importance of the parents teaching and guiding and the children being obedient, me and my comp gave the sunday school class lesson and we talked about how to have more hope and patience it was super cool :) 

But now its time for the story that I talked about with the photos haha so the family that we are teaching that live in a little town super far away their names are Jesus and Andrea and their son is Luis. Andrea and Luis are members but the dad Jesus isn't, we are working with him and he loves the church, he loves to learn, and we decided to take the branch to them and their family in the town, so we talked are branch president into giving us a ride out there and when I say out there I mean out there haha, we loaded up the truck after church with a lot of members and we headed out haha its, a town were you have to be on the highway and get off onto a little dirt road and drive a little ways to get there and thats what we are doing in the pictures haha on that dirt road heading to the little town, haha it was a lot of fun and it was super cool to see and feel the spirit of the missionary work in the members :) we finaly got there, and it was starting to get late so we decided to share a quick message with them haha I felt like a missionary preaching on a soap box because there were like 30 people listening to us in this little town, we had the parents of Jesus and Andrea and there cousins and everyone it was awesome! and the members shared their testimonies and it was super cool, then after it was super dark because there weren't any lights and it was getting late, but before returing they gave us some hot chocolate so that was super yummy, and we were able to take Jesus and Andrea off to the side and talk to them about baptizm and Jesus aceepted to be baptized the 27 of Feburary! and Andrea was talking about being sealed in the temple super cool!! we are going to keep working with them, and we hope that they will keep looking for that beautiful feeling of the spirit and will accept it, Jesus always tells us that he loves the feeling that he feels in the House of Prayer, haha so it was an awesome Sunday! but the crazy part was geting back haha it was super dark when we left it was like 730 or 8 and Pres was flying down that dirt road haha really for a second I thought I was in the baja 1000 haha in the back of a truck flying through the dessert, haha it was a pretty ineteresting and mircale filled day :) but we need some prayers please pray that Jesus and Andrea will be able to do the things neceassry to prepare to be baptized . Rosa so that she will feel the desire to be baptized because she is ready.
Thank you guys so much for your prayers and I hope that you all have an amazing week!! I love you guys 

Love Elder Tanner


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