Monday, February 29, 2016

Transfers and I'm staying in Bacobampo with Elder Sanchez

Hello everyone hows it going :) sounds like the Provo Temple openhouse is going on thats pretty cool :), I have seen the videos and it looks amazing, that is such a blessing to be able to go through the temples and see whats in them, but its cool and all to see the temple from the inside, but even more special is to work and bring about the ordanances in the temple, that is when we comprehend the signficance of all the things and why they are. I have truly develoveped a testimony of the temples here in the mission, its amazing and I love to see the members here get so excited about going to the temple, because its such a blessing for them and also a sacrafice, but they are willing to do it, because of the blessings, and the promises they have made with our Father in Heaven, I hope that we can all take advantage of the blessings of the temple, and always draw nearer unto the house of the Lord.

It was a pretty good week this week we had a challenge with the sickness this week lots of people got sick! and it really affected the work, but we are hoping that they are feeling better, so we can keep on working with them, we did divisions this week, with Huatabampo, so that was pretty cool, haha I'm sorry my mind is super blank right now and i dont have a whole lot of time but, just to let you all know super quick we had transfers today, but I didnt get Transferred I'm still her in Bacobampo! haha with Elder Sanchez we are super exctied to keep working together and we hope to see lots of miracles this week, Rosa went to church again and knows she has to get baptized but ahhhh wont accept a baptismal date!! ahhhh haha, but we are going to keep working with her she is basically a dry member.. a investigator that hasn't got baptized haha, but thanks for all your praryers and everything sorry for the Email, I'll be sure to get you guys a better one next week thanks for all your love and support, This is the true church, share it with others and you will see the blessings through sharing the gospel! :)  

I love you guys so much
Love Elder Tanner 

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