Monday, March 7, 2016

Buenas Tardes, Mis Queridos Amigos 

Hey! wow sounds like there are all sorts of cool stuff going on! Thats cool that Payton was able to hang out it in little Moab, sounds like lots of fun :) be sure to keep the 250 running ;) haha Thats awesome that Syd could compete in that competetion and take 2 place :) 

That is so crazy that Elder Pulispher will be finishing the mission! wow, be sure to give him a big ole bear hug for me haha, I love that kid :) 

Well this week was pretty interesting haha and there is so much I want to write but time runs out so fast! I think its because we got back from buying food late... aahhhh I'm sorry haha but some of the things that happened this week is, I was chased by a dog on my bike and the dog just about made me get hit by a car haha, We had another lesson in the Indian dialect Mayo, haha we went to a little town and there was a family there and we had our Branch President with us and the people spoke Mayo so we got to practice a little bit :) we found another invesigator this week her name is Noami and she accepted a baptismal date and we are going to visit her this week, and see how she is progressign :) We had a run in with the Jehova witness missionaries, haha we got to a investigators house at the same time, and the investigators choose them over us! ahhh haha, 

Also we had Jesus y Eva in the House of Prayer this week :) and it was super cool they really liked it and we are still working with Eva for the 19 of March but we just got to get them married :) so please pray for her so that she has the desire to marry and get baptized, its really cool becasue in the lessons she really comprehends baptizm and always explains why its neceassry :) thanks for everything guys I love you so much and I know this letter is super short and I'm sorry but gotta go :)
I love you guys so much and thank you for your prayers.

Love Elder Tanner 

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