Monday, March 21, 2016


Pretty awesome week this week :) lots of cool stories went on, but we also had a couple of challenges but that is just part of the experience :) haha can't have your cake and eat it too, I think that's how my Mom said the saying... ;) It really has mind boggled me how fast time is going, I can't believe that Payton will be graduating soon and that Syd is going to be a senior, ahhh what happened with my little bro and sister, but oh well, I know that you guys are making good decisions, and that's awesome that Payton will be graduating this year from all the hard work he has put in! whoo, and that's cool that Syd could go to California for her competitions sounds like she did awesome and gave it her all :)   

So we had success this week and it was cool, but I'll start from what I remember haha I start typing and I forget everything that has happened in the week... ooops haha 

So we taught Rosa about the Book of Mormon to help her understand a little bit better what it is, because she's still not capturing the idea of it, but we explained nice and slow that it is not a Bible but its sacred scripture that God prepared in the Americas, and all the stuff but she understood and is going to try to read it more, haha she had one of her friends with her when we went to visit her and she invited her friend to listen, and oh my heavens Rosa is a dry member, Rosa shared her non-member testimony that the church is the only true church and then Rosa invited her friend to get baptized!!! Rosa the investigator invited someone to get baptized haha I about rolled on the ground, haha ahh I'm not saying it was funny like she didn't do good I just thought it was funny that Rosa isn't baptized but is inviting someone to do it haha, but it was cool. we are still working with Rosa on that haha I always give her a good little push in the lessons we share with her to get baptized and we did exchanges and I left and my comp went to teach Rosa, and she told him haha ... That Elder Tanner really wants me to get baptized... Haha and my comp was like me too!! and our Heavenly Father too more than any one!! haha she knows what she has to do :) and I know she will do it :) 

We also taught her about the tithing and that it is a commandment and this Sunday she went to the church and payed her tithing and she doesn't even work!! ahh its so crazy she is really amazing but would be even more amazing if she would get baptized!! but she is a funny little lady, speaking of little ladies, we found some little women haha I didn't realize it when I contacted them because they were sitting down, we had a lesson and finished and they stood up to shake our hands, and I felt like I was with my Aunt Maurine haha the little lady and her daughter were up to like my waist, they are just little things, but they are super cool :) 

We are also teaching Jesus and Andrea that are married to other people and have to divorce and get married, because they are living together and MIRACLE MIRACLE MIRACLE, we had a really cool experience with them :) ahh so cool and I hope I can explain it all I don't have a lot of time to write still but I'll go for it :)  so Jesus and Andrea like I told you guys are married with other people, and are living together so, they have to divorce with them, and after Jesus and Andrea have to get married, we are working with Jesus and he really wants to get baptized and is progressing really well they say that they are reading the Book of Mormon as a family and its awesome we leave them with chapters to read and questions to answer and they always answer the questions and its awesome but the only challenge to baptize him is that he is living with Andrea and they aren't married, so we are finishing up the lessons and we have the permission and help of the husband of Andrea to do the divorce but the wife of Jesus isn't to happy about and has told him that she wont sign the papers, so that has been a real problem, because he can't progress with out the help of his ex wife in the divorce, me and my companion were thinking of what we could do to help Jesus Get baptized and still be with Andrea while we work on the divorce and marriage and we feel as though it was truly revelation, the lesson that we had with them would be a true trial of faith and patience on their part, we taught them that Jesus is ready to get baptized the only thing he lacks is the law of chastity, so we told them that we want to baptize him in two weeks, but it will require their faith and action, we then invited them to live the law of chastity to separate for the time being and stop living together, we read them that the scripture of Nephi in Nephi 3:7 and told them that when God gives us a commandment he will always give us the way to complete it and we know that its a commandment to be baptized and Jesus knows that too, and we promised them that God will make the way but they have to show their faith and put it in practice, we invited them to separate so that God will help us with the divorce proceedings and the baptism of Jesus, we left them with that invitation and promise, and said we would return the next day to see what they decided :) and we knew that we had to do our part also, so we went with the wife of Jesus to help her understand the reason for why we are trying to do the divorce and haha it was a little awkward but it was so special because in a matter of 10 or 15 minutes we saw the blessing and the miracle from the faith Of Jesus and Andrea, because the wife told us that she is willing to help and sign the papers in the divorce, and she has been asking God for away to start her family over and leave the past behind!! AHHHHHHH  I WAS LEAPING FOR JOY!! AHHH I couldn't believe it, we said a prayer right after the lesson and gave thanks for the change of heart that God had worked in the wife of Jesus, the next day we went and shared the experience with Jesus and Andrea, but before we did it we shared the scripture Mosiah 24:16 and explained that God really does comfort us and give us miracles in our trial of faith :), they then told us that Jesus wants to get baptized and is willing to separate from Andrea and put in practice his faith so he can be baptized!!! They will be separated but, God has truly done a miracle and they will be able to divorce faster because everyone is in agreement and so we hope to continue seeing blessings and miracles from our Heavenly Father!! please pray for them to put in practice their faith, and do what is necessary so Jesus in 2 weeks can get baptized!! We can see the hand of the Lord in these things and we are very excited :) Thanks for everything guys, I love you all so much
Love Elder Tanner
My companion Elder Sanchez from Puebla
We went to play soccer in Etchojoa, with the Elders there and some members, haha, it was cool then some members came by and started making Pizzas for us to eat breakfast it was cool :)

The children's  Catholic parade haha Semana Santa (Spring Break) here is pretty big haha I'll explain more later but everyone puts on costumes kind of different. 

This smiley face made my day :) we bought pizza one day and the people who wrote on this box knew I needed a smiley face, and a pizza haha, 

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