Monday, April 4, 2016

Pepto Bismol

Good Afternoon everyone haha, I'm sorry for not writing last week, I had a little problem... haha I dont know if my Mom has informed but I got a stomach infection, but I'll be sure to talk more in depth about that later.... but I dont think you want me to do that haha ;) 


So it was a prettty good two weeks,  So we had Zone Conference with Pres. Munive again two weeks ago Thursday, it was a really good Conference we talked a lot about how to be the best disciple of Christ that we can be, and how we can consecrate ourselves, and that is something that I have learned alot about and studied a lot in the mission and I would love to talk about it but their isn't enough time but it was a really good zone conference :) Then we went to the little towns on friday, to eat with our Branch President and visit some less actives and the investigator Jesus that we are teaching :) we went with Jesus and talked with him about the importance of baptizm and we did a practice interview of how its going to be for his baptizmal interview, he did well and passed the practice and said that he would get ready to get baptized the 9 of April, but Sunday came around and well he and Andrea didn't come!! I was really kinda ticked, because they know how important it is that they go, and they didnt go, and we called them and were like hey whats up what happened why didnt you come, and they told us that their mother in law had hit her forehead, but the mom of Andrea told us that they didnt have money to take the bus because they went to a party that week, so I was kinda ticked, but I couldn't chew them out over the telphone so i just had to tell them to come to the conference this week. That same day we had lunch with a sister in the branch that is an absolute angel haha she is the sister that is always on time to everything, she lets us use her washing machine, she always is willing to help us, and well she made us a goat soup.... haha and well it was alright, I was super hungry but when I saw it, my hunger went pretty fast haha, I ate the soup and well two hours later I wasn't feeling so good, I felt super dizzy and like I was hungry but I didn't want to eat, we finished working and got home and I was just feeling super tired and I had a fever, and I just wanted to sleep, we finished planning and we said the prayer and I just flopped on my bed and bam out like a baby sleeping with my church clothes on and everything, haha but I woke up like two hours later and I was super hot, and had to go to the bathroom, got up and I just started jog/walking for the bathroom, and well... i think you know what happened there, I dont really need to explain it, but i can just say that its from that moment that I knew something was bad in the stomach haha ;) 

I couldnt sleep really all that good that night, but I woke up Monday and still feeling terrible I had a fever was sweating in and out of the bathroom, and so I was like man we have to go to the hospital, and it was super hard haha because it was hot outside we had to go to the bus stop and wait for the bus to take the bus, and it was an hour long bus ride ,but we finally got there and we got into the Dr. and he didnt really do a whole lot for me haha, he just told me I had an intoxication... and gave me some pills for that and the pain and sent me on my way, so I passed like 3 days taking those pills and all that stuff, and it just wasnt working for me, actually I felt like it was making me worse, and i had to go the hospital again on Friday because now I was feeling a big pain in my chest like it really hurt when I breathed hard or had to cough, and that has never happened to me so I was like well whats up with that, and so we went to the hospital again and it was a different Dr. and he told me that I had to take a suero, so they took me into a room and had to put the IV and all that and they started pumping liquids, vitamins, and anitbiotics in me haha, and The Dr. came back and told me that i had a stomach infection, that it wasn't just and intoxication, he gave me some antibiotics and some pills to strengthen my stomach and that was Friday and since then i have been feeling better a lot better :)
I was able to watch the conference on saturday, and it was awesome!! I wasn't able to eat the food that they brought :( because it would make me worse and it was my favorite :( sausage with potatoes and flour tortillas with beans ahhhhh haha, i just sat in the room and watched the chruch news haha, and i was cheering when they talked about the provo Temple!!! whooo, but the next day was super cool because, the angel sister Adeliza made a chicken soup just for me the next day, because she knew that i wasnt going to be able to eat the food that they were going to eat, ahhh i felt so loved haha, and so I was able to eat with the members that day :) it was such an amazing conference and my love for our prophet has grown so much on the mission and i was truly toched to see him this conference, I loved his message and i really dont know how to explain my love for him... HE is our prophet, our guide and our protector in these days and look at him he is so old, but still stands to addrress us, where do you see that a man that is week, tired and 97 years old and still stands to give his testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ he loves us I know that this only happnes in the true church and I stand by that man and i testify that he is a prophet of God and that Christ lives!! i cant talk a lot about the conference because of time but im so grateful for our prophet and i know that all that he does the sacrafices he makes  isnt for casuality, its because this is the TRUE church. I love you so much and thank you so much for praying me this week i Have felt your prayers and have felt so much comfort from my Heavenly Father in hard times, I love you guys and please know that our Father in Heaven loves us and His Son also :) 

Love Elder Tanner 

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