Monday, April 18, 2016


Hello hello everyone :)

Sounds like a pretty awesome week :) but before anything else I would like to wish my big papi a very Feliz CumpleaƱos!!! I love you a ton Dad thanks for everything you have taught me, and all the patience you had with me haha, Im sure I gave you a couple of gray hairs but thanks for everything Dad I love you. 

It was a good week this week, but I'm sure you all just want to know the transfers haha, its always a crazy day the days of transfers haha the whole mission has the phone in the hand waiting for the call to hear about the transfers and thats how it was for us too, because the transfers got to us super late, it was kind of bad haha we were super anxious to get them but the transfers its good and bad news, ha, the good news is that I'm in a good area and my comp is really good :) the bad news is that they closed Bacobampo, or that means that they took out the missionaries, but remember how I wrote about how we had interviews with Pres. Munive a week earlier he told me in the interview that most likely he was going to take out the missionaries for a while, I was talking with him and we talked about how the branch really hasn't been progressing, becuase the members dont help in the missionary work, we would bring investigators to the church but the members wouldn't help and didn't have the spriit of the missionary work, and also there was a lot of problems in the branch with some members that had lost the faith, and fallen in apostasy its super sad, but its also becasue the mission was sending a lot of missionaries home because they had finished the mission and very few were coming into the misson so it was necassry to close a lot of areas, but no worries, I'm still close to Bacobampo I'm in Etchojoa its super close haha, its another branch, but a little bigger :) I'm with Elder Reyes he is from Puebla like my older comp Elder Sanchez, we are super exctied to get working here but, flip it was a really stressful transfer becuase we had to take out all of the stuff from the house in bacobampo, and close the area, we didnt have a whlole lot of help from the members we needed a truck to move the stuff, but nobody really wanted to help us we finally convinced our branch President and get the stuff moved, my companion got to his bus late and had to buy his own ticket, we were just throwing stuff in bags filling his truck up with all that we had bikes, fridge, papers, chairs everything we had to take out ahhh it was super stressfull, but we got it done, it was really hard to say good bye to the members, a lot of the sisters like the angel Adeliza  started to cry, I was able to make a lot of good friendships, but I'm sure we will see each other again some day. but we were able to see a Baptism this weeek!!1 whooo the son of a less active sister that we are reactiving was baptized and i was able to baptize him I dont have the photos because my comp changed areas but I'll be sure to send them when I have them :) it was a really cool baptism and a lot of work we had to fill up and clean ot the baptismal font by hand becuae some dudes a couple weeks ago stole the pump from the church so the font doesn't fill up or drain automatically but it was all worth it :) I dont have a whole lot to say but I'll be sure to write next week thanks for all your guys prayers I love you all so much 

Love Elder Tanner

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