Monday, April 25, 2016

Hello Everyone, Thank you for the letters loved to get them :) 

It was an awesome week this week in Etchojoa, we were able to get a lot of work done ha-ha, I’m really enjoying my time with my new companion he is a really amazing guy he is from Puebla, the same place as my old comp Elder Sanchez I always give Elder Reyes are hard time saying, oh my heavens Elder Reyes I thought Heavenly Father was going to give me a break and not put me with another companion from Puebla, ha-ha he just laughs, but he’s a really good guy, he has quite the life story and I admire him for the faith that he has I think I’m going to talk about him a little bit, He was baptized just a few years ago he is 24 years old and was baptized when he was 21, and he is the only member in his family he has 3 brothers and a sister just like me he is also the middle child :) but i asked about his parents and he told me that when he was 18 years old his Mom passed away.... and he doesn’t know a whole lot about his Dad, he’s Dad left when he was young, and the last he heard about his Dad is that he was really sick and on the urge of death... He had to take care of his brothers and sisters before the mission and well, choose to come on the mission, even without the approval of his girlfriend ha-ha she didn’t want him to go on the mission even though she is a member of the church ha-ha, but he still came on the mission :) he’s a really cool guy, I don’t tell you guys these things so that you felt bad but so that we can always recognize the blessings that our heavenly father has given to us, We are all a blessed people with a loving heavenly father that is in heaven that loves us so much   but now about the work We had our District Meeting on Tuesday and we talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon and the way it converts us to the church but more to the Gospel and our Savior Jesus Christ. We were able to have a lesson with a less active sister and it was really cool, we felt the spirit super strong because we talked about the importance of the restored church, an also we talked about how the families can be together forever. on Wednesday we went to help a less active make a little brick house we only got the first part done, but he was really grateful for the work that we did, ha-ha we shared a lesson with him afterwards, and we asked him to read a scripture, and he went to get his glassed to read and what happened next reminded me of something Uncle Ernie would do ha-ha he brought back some glasses but the ahhh I’m forgetting English haha the part that is on the ear well the two sides were broken and so what he had done is tied a string from one side of the glasses to the other and he used that string to make like a headband thing for his glasses to keep them on his nose and so he could use them haha it just made me laugh a little and reminded me of some of our family members ha-ha. Thursday well this is a branch here in Etchojoa so we also have some little towns that we have to teach in and as in Bacobampo they are far away we went to Las Guayabas on Thursday and flip it was so hot there weren’t any tress on the way it was just a little dirt road that we had to take, but we finally got there, and got some lessons in with the people that live there, we were able to find a lot of new investigators this day so that was really good. Friday was kind of an interesting day because we found a really cool family haha we saw a lady weeding her garden and so we decided to o help her , and we helped her and all, and we started talking and then asked me if I knew English and itolder her say yes, and she told us that, they lived I California for like 5 years and that her son had learned English, so she called for him and he came out and we started talking ha-ha, it was kind of goofy he told me he really missed the USA and wants to go back. We found a really cool sister, that wanted to listen to us and she promised to go to church but didn’t show up so we are going to find out why, ahhhh we found a super catholic guy!!! hahha it was super hard to teach the little old guy because he was so hard in the heart we told him that what would he do if God told him to get baptized in the true church and he said i would tell him that I’m catholic ahhhhh haha it’s so silly how people can be so heard hearted even to our Heavenly Father let us all be patient and submissive even as a child to his father :)  On Sunday well I thought I was off the hook because here it’s a branch like Bacobampo but there are councilors, but when I showed up with five minutes to start they are like Elder Tanner you’re going to give a talk haha somethings never change haha, but it’s really cool to be in a branch because you can see the progression and really get  to know the members, I’m super excited to be working here and  we are going for it all, but please pray so that we can find the people that want to make changes in their life and are willing to make covenants with our heavenly Father I love you guys so much :) and thanks for everything
Love Elder Tanner 


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