Monday, May 2, 2016


That’s awesome that you guys had Prom this week, pretty good looking Tanners, so this week we worked super hard ha-ha we are really working hard in this area and we are hoping to see the miracles soon!! We have already seen some but we want to see even more! haha we have really found a lot of Catholics lately haha in other areas there have been lots from different churches, but lately we have found a lot of Catholics, and haha I’m not going to lie sometimes they give it to ya good, haha it’s kind of sad to see people treat others like that, they treat us like we are nothing and sometimes ignores when we are talking to them haha, it’s kind of funny I just laugh about it, but a lot of times it reminds me of little kids haha really they remind me of little kids, but I’m not saying that all the Catholics are like that we have found a lot of amazing people this week too that have an open heart and are willing to listen to us. We found a really cool sister, locked outside of her house haha   kind of funny how God puts people in our path ;) but we talked to her and she couldn’t really escape so she had to listen to us haha! we taught her outside of her house and she started to ask all the questions of gold haha, she was asking us what is the true church and how can she know, we explained to her that the true church was established by Christ, but was lost for a long time but through a prophet our loving Heavenly Father has brought the truth and fullness of his gospel, she was really interested but a little hesitant on the baptismal commitment haha she said that if God tells her to get baptized she will do it haha that’s good enough for us :) on Wednesday we had Mutual, and the branch presidency asked if we could help the youth in mutual so we helped them have a fun little activity, but my companion nailed me in the face with a ball.... haha but it was an accident... I think ;) haha but I had my glasses on and they basically got wrapped around my face haha, but they didn’t break whoo haha, my eyebrow was swollen, and my nose got cut and under my eye haha we didn’t realize it till we got home that night and my comp was like ELDER!! what’s up with your face, and I was like your fault man haha, We were also able to find a sister that the Elders had taught earlier but she couldn’t progress because she was living with her boyfriend, and she couldn’t get off of work Sundays, but we decided to go with her and we found out that she had split up with her boyfriend and that she doesn’t work on Sundays!! hallelujah ahhh and she accepted to be baptized the 28 of May, so we are going to be working with her this week, to help her prepare for this day :) on Thursday ahh was a little hard haha we had to go to Bacobampo to take out all the stuff we left in the house, and turn in the keys and the house to the land lord but the crazy lady wouldn’t give us the money that she owed us for the deposit that we made when we first started living in the house, ahhhh, haha we explained to her the things and everything but she wouldn’t give it to us and I’m just like ahh whatever if you feel good about stealing money from servants of the Lord go for it. so we left it like that, oh also this week I almost forgot we found a really cool guy! he is catholic but is really smart and understands stuff really easy, he was a teacher but stopped working because two years ago he lost his vision, and it’s really interesting to teach him, I don’t know why but it’s just interesting knowing that he can’t see us and everything that we teach him he imagines it in his mind it was really interesting for him to know that we have a living prophet and twelve apostles! he always asks a lot of questions, but the tough part is that he isn’t all that excited to change he doesn’t get to excited about going to church, so we are going to have to find out what his desires are and help understand the importance of this message :) I was thinking about the way he uses his imagination and i thought to myself that he understands the message clearer because he has to imagine it, and pay lots of attention and i thought about how God is so loving and patient that he gives us weaknesses to make us strong!! but it is so true, we can easily look in the mirror and see ourselves with countless flaws and weaknesses and imperfections, from the inside or maybe even the outside, but what we choose to do with those weakness, can shape us into who we are or what we will become, God has a great potential for every one of us and has given us the tools (Strengths and weaknesses) to shape us into the person we can become, there are hundreds of examples from the scriptures, Moses who had a difficulty with speaking became one of the most greatly known prophets in this world beside Jesus Christ, was known for his courage, faith, patience in tribulations, and humility to ask for help, Moroni from the book of Mormon who really wasn’t all that good at writing, explained that this weakness had strengthened his testimony in the Lord Jesus Christ and helped him to be more faithful and work hard, I know that God lives and I know that he loves us I know that we are never alone, I know that God is conscious of our weakness and is more than ready to convert our weakness into strengths, but he can only work when we have and open heart, the desire to work, and the faith in him that he is The God of Miracles and The creator of all things, I love you all so much I couldn’t write a whole lot we didn’t have a whole lot of time today but Please know that I love you guys so much and I’m going to pray for you guys, and please pray for us so that we can find our brothers and sisters that have the desire to change and make covenants with our Heavenly Father
Love Elder Tanner 


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