Monday, May 23, 2016

Branch Conference

What What what schools out?? Where does time go?? A big Congratulations to Payton!! That’s awesome Payt that you are graduating, it was a pretty awesome week this week, but it was a really good Sunday yesterday! But I’ll be sure to talk about that later :) 

So we had our District meeting on Tuesday, and we talked about the importance of working with the members, and I have really seen the difference, between working with the members and not working with the members, it’s a lot easier the work when we all work together, like any job its always easier to work together, two heads are better than one :)  We went with Veronica this day, and we decided to teach her about the importance of repentance and having Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, it was a really good lesson, she understood the importance of repentance, and said she is willing to do what she has to do to repent we invited her to be baptized again and she accepted she was a little nervous about the date, but accepted, we explained that we will never have a perfect knowledge of all things but if we have the desire to follow the Lord, we should always do it, Well we went with the sister Belen also who i talked about the other Monday because she didn’t go to church Sunday and ahhh Satan is working so hard!! but we have to work harder haha, because we found out that she couldn’t go because, her ex-husband came back after 9 years trying to take her daughter away, and know she cant go to the church, because she has to have meetings with lawyers and such!! ahh we talked to her about the importance of putting God in our lives over everything worldly and we will be blessed but she is really worried about her daughter she doesn’t want her husband to take her, but we are going to try and help and help her to get to the church because we  know that the Lord will bless her if she goes :), we also went with a member less active that started telling us about his problems of Diarrhea, the people have so much confidence in us its something that kind of makes me laugh sometimes because we find some guy in the street and he tells us his life story, before we tell him our name haha, but its chill, but that less active, went to church this Sunday so that was really good ! we taught a new family their names are Adam and Griselda they are really cool, and its the dude that we helped move like 300 bricks form his front yard to his back yard!! ahhh I wanted to call him Rick the Brick ;) 

Wednesday we were contacting people and we contacted a couple outside of their house, and we started talking with them and he asked where I was from and he was like oh Utah I’ve been there and i was like oh that’s cool did you work there? and he’s like yeah, I was a drug passer, he told me that it was his job to transport drugs by foot over the boarder... haha it’s something so common here, it’s the second one this week, I always say isn’t easier to sell tacos here? haha, but we taught them and he told us that he really wants to change, but we explained him that’s cool that he wants to change but if that desire doesn’t have works his desire is in vain, it’s a little harsh but we wanted him to get the point haha, he accepted to go to church, and a baptismal date so we are going to be teaching him this week, 

On Thursday, we went to the little town Las Guayabas ahh flip it gets hotter going every time the sun is always right in your face! haha, but it’s been worth the pain, we have seen a grand difference in the number of people that are attending church, we have almost doubled the attendance from when i got here! and a lot of people are going to church and they are from the little town Las Guayabas, they get ready early every Sunday to go to church, and well we are teaching Jesus and his family and Jesus will be getting baptized 28 of May, and he is super excited we went to teach him and he learns so fast we asked if remembers the Joseph Smith story and he told us perfectly! we taught him about the word of wisdom using a water cup and we told him the stuff he can’t consume and every time we mentioned something we would throw dirt or grass, salsa, tree bark, and stuff like and then we filled it with water and told him to drink it haha he really understood why it’s important to not consume that stuff because the cup and water is our body and spirit, its affected by the things of the world, he didn’t want to drink it but he’s little brother was like i want to drink it!! haha we didn’t let him but it was a fun object lesson 

Friday We had a really cool experience with Veronica we gave her and her sister a tour of the church and we invited a member and it was really cool the sister that we invitied her really helped her get excited to attend church and said she would stop by her to go together it wsa awesome we showed a video about baptism and showed her the baptismal font, it was a really cool experience :)  

on Saturday we had to go to Las Guayabas again because we got to get Jesus ready for his baptismal interview and we taught him the law of chastity haha and haha it was kind of funny because I showed him a picture from my book of images and i showed him this picture and asked him what is happening

and he responded, they are tempting the baby, hahha we were like NOO Jesus they are getting married!! haha and maybe later they are going to have a baby but we dont know haha, it was super funny what he said, and his dad was laughing too, 

Sunday was awesome because we had our Branch Conference, and we found out that Veronica and her sister got to the church before us!! haha they showed up super excited, and it was a really great conference Pres. Munive came and gave a really great talk that I liked :) he talked about how are testimony isn’t worth anything if we don’t put it to practice or if we don’t live what we know, it was super cool his message, and Veronica really liked it and her daughter as well she was playing with all the little kids from the primary it was awesome, but Jesus also came with his family, and that means that he is going to be baptized this Saturday!! whoo!! and also we have been working with his  family and this Sunday when he is confirmed we will have reactivated his mom and his dad and baptized the son!! ahhh it’s so cool to see their progression! They are super excited! we are hoping that his dad Baptizes him, thank you guys so much for your prayers and please keep praying, I hope you all know that I love you so much and thank you for all being a part of this work with me :), I love you guys so much :) and hope you all have a good week!! Be Happy and keep smiling :) :) 

Love Elder Tanner 


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