Monday, May 9, 2016

El Dia de Las Madres

What a blessing it was to be able to talk with you guys yesterday and loved seeing you guys!! Thanks for all the prayers that you guys have said this week in my behalf I have truly feel the love of you guys :) and we have seen the blessings of your prayers. We had a pretty good week this week :) 

Well I feel like I got to tell you guys, that the beast is down, yup my bike has got some problems it happened on Wednesday, and so we had to put it down for a while right now I’m using a bike that’s from a member whoo! haha and its a lot nicer than mine so I don’t think I’ll be fixing bike up anytime soon ;) nah I’m just kidding, but hahh but Wednesday was kind of funny because my companion feel haha it was pretty funny I was laughing, but it was funny because we were riding down a pretty busy road and we were about to turn right and my companion was to the right of me, but before turning my comp saw a member to the left of us on the other side of the road and so he turned his head to wave to them and everything and was saying hi to them, but didn’t realize that I was turning right, so I turned right and he kept going straight and I kind of like cut him off and I just heard metal crash and turned around and saw his bike thrown down haha, and he was brushing himself off and I couldn’t help but laugh, but its chill cause he didn’t get hurt so we both laughed about it, that same day we had a pretty crazy experience we are teaching some investigators that are super humble we went to visit them and they were telling us that they don’t have any money, that they are working but wouldn’t get payed until Saturday, they had received 15 pesos that’s like a dollar to buy tortillas from one of their friends, and my companion was like lets help them, and I’m like let’s do it, so we decided to give them some potatoes, and oil to cook, because they have a little brick stove were they put branches and stuff to light  a fire and cook, so we helped them have a little dinner, sometimes we forget how blessed we are, but we should always do as the hymn says count our many blessings :) 

On Thursday we went to Las Guayabas a little town to visit some members and some investigators, we taught a brother that didn’t want to accept that you can close a store Sunday we explained to him that God doesn’t give us commandments that we can’t keep haha, and he’s like well that’s true, a lot of times the natural man blinds us telling us that Gods ways aren’t correct and we start to justify ourselves in our wrong doings, we explained to him the importance of the Sabbath day and how it can be a blessing for us but he was still a little stubborn about it but as in Mosiah 3:19 we learn how to overcome the natural man, through being humble and childlike, we were able to invite a lot of members to the church, we also got in a little bike accident again we were coming home from the little town and we were on a little street with houses on both sides and a dog started chasing my comp and he got scared and started pushing me into the fences of the houses, and just my luck is that they had barb wire on the fence, i just jumped off the bike before my comp planted me in the fence completely haha and luckily nothing happened but i found out my comp is scared of dogs haha, 

On Friday we had our zone conference in Navojoa, and they talked a lot about the importance of using the members in this work and how we have to remind all the members that they are missionaries and that they should always be  sharing the testimony that they have :) 

Saturday we did exchanges with some members to visit the less actives and it was kind of a funny experience because I went with a brother and he was taking about the book of Mormon and the was like sister this book is really important because it teaches us about Christ, it answers are questions about why we are here, where do we go when we die, and why we are brown people, haha I couldn’t hold myself from laughing I thought it was so funny and he was like isn’t that right Elder and I’m just haha yeah i guess its true haha. We also had a branch activity for the Moms the priesthood made dinner for the Moms of the branch and well there isn’t a whole lot of priesthood so they asked if we could help, my companion was grilling and I was cutting, we made steak tacos, and they were super fantastic, haha the steak tacos are really common here, 
Sunday was cool because lots of members and an investigator from the Las guayabas came to church! And we had a lot of people in the church it was awesome!! we have been working with a lot of people inviting them to church, and they promise to go to church but ahhh it’s a little frustrating when they don’t show up on Sunday, it’s so hard to help the people change there perspective on life and the most important things like church and family, but we were able to see a really big blessing through working with the less actives a brother that is less active came to church with his wife which is member and they brought their two kids a daughter that is married and son, and they haven’t been baptized and the dad told us that he wants them to get baptized and, so we are super excited to get working with them and see if we can help this family be a member family :) Thanks for all your prayers everyone and please keep making them, so we can find the people looking for this message and the true gospel and true church, I love you all so much and, a special thank you to my Mom for always helping me and loving me I love you Mom 

Love Elder Tanner 


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