Monday, November 16, 2015

There is still Sunshine

Like the subject says there is still lots of sunshine, but I'm super jealous of you guys for the snow that your getting its like 65 degrees here at night and everyone is walking around in snow coats and rain boots freezing cold, and I'm walking around in a short sleeve shirt haha its kinda funny, it was a pretty good week :) 

Se had quite a bit of success, and we are super excited for the persons that we have met and taught this week :) we had a conference with President Munive this week with all the District and Zone Leaders, it was a really cool conference, they talked about how the leaders have to be examples and how if we don't progress the mission doesn't progress, gave me a lot of strength to keep on working and want to be better.

We were able to find another family this week :) family Garcia, the husbands name is Hector, and he is such a good guy but the only problem is that he works out of town for 20 days and is in town for only 10 days, its kinda hard but he has a big desire to learn more he's such a good guy, flip I'm super sorry everyone for this email I know that it is super tiny but I didnt have a whole lot of time this week I'm super sorry but next week you guys are going to get a newspaper from the Weekly Tanner I love you guys so much and please pray for the Family Morales and Family Garcia I love you guys so much :) thanks for your prayers and help, this is the work of the Lord and the people are ready for this message I love you guys have an awesome week I love you so much 

Love Elder Tanner 

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