Monday, November 30, 2015

Last Week Before Transfers

Hello Everyone, 

 I hope that everyone had a very filling thanksgiving and played lots of football, ate lots, slept a lot, ate a lot, played a lot of football and ate a lot and slept good ;) ha-ha, its super funny to explain to the people here why we celebrate thanksgiving and what we do this day, I just tell them what I just said, we play sports mainly football, we eat all day and we sleep, it’s one of the best days in the year because your with your family! I loved the pictures of you guys, bunch of turkeys, pilgrim and Indians :) we didn’t do a whole lot here in Mexico we just talked about it, but it was chill :) 

This week has been kind of crazy and a little bit hair pulling kind of week ha-ha but it’s part of the mission, it’s such a funny thing, because the stress in the normal world is super painful and sad, but the stress in the mission is a lot of times a boost that we need to be better or it just makes us laugh, because literally whatever could happen in the mission happens a lot of times and the only way to get through it is with a smile and a little chuckle because that the only thing that you can do, The mission really is something special and it is the best two years, I feel that my faith and love for my Father in Heaven and His son Jesus Christ has strengthened so much and I have gained a love and appreciation for my family too :) 

But to explain why this week was so interesting, we had a problem this week with finding our investigators ha-ha literally, we would make appointments with them and we would get to their house and nobody answers and don’t get me wrong it’s like that a lot of times in the week, but literally it was almost everyday all day this week. I was speechless I really didn’t understand! So it was kind of hard to find the people to teach but we still got through and had two people in the church this week, but before I talk about that. I think it would be important to say that for the second time in my mission I almost caught my hair on fire for the stinking water heaters here in Mexico!! This week we lost our hot water that just a week earlier we received... I was ticked!! ha-ha so these little stinkers are super dangerous it’s a little bowl of electricity that heats up the water before it leaves the shower head and well here in Navajoa lots of time there’s a water shortage, and that’s what happened this day I was showering and  very little water was coming out and so it would come out super-hot!! because it had more time to be in the "electric bowl" ha-ha but eventually this little bowl got super-hot and I started hearing a whistle like the whistle a pot of boiling water makes and the whistle was coming from the holes in the shower head and the "electric bowl" on the shower head was super red! And I started hearing cracks and realized that the little bowl was about to blow up so I turned off the water so it would stop heating up and as I did the electric bowl starting throwing out a ton of steam and smoke and it’s been like that for a week and we have been showering with a bucket!! we warm up water with our electric grill and we fill up a  5 gallon bucket and we use a cup to throw water on us  and that’s how we shower in the morning, because water doesn’t come out of the shower head now, ahhhh it has been really interesting we have to wake up early to heat up the water but its kind of funny ha-ha we  should have hot water in this week hopefully it happens :) ha but we are doing good because this week found a guy that is super cool :) his name is Balvanero  and he was a pastor for and Christian church, but left because he didn’t like the idea of paying tithing as an income to the leaders so we taught him and he said he would come to church but the crazy thing that happened was the prayers he said to finished we asked him to say the closing prayer, and he started good , but slowly his voice started getting louder and louder and then he started rapping! the guy rapped his prayer I was amazed and had to keep myself from dancing because it was really cool the rap because it was a prayer!! ha-ha he went to church and really liked and we are going to keep teaching him and we will be sure to teach him how to pray this week ha-ha :) I had to do a baptismal interview this week for the sisters they are going to baptized this Saturday, but I really strengthen my testimony of the Holy ghost, in this interviews we have to be in tune a lot with the spirt so we know what to do, and it truly lead me to know what to do and say because the brother has had a lot of problems but the spirt really did guide me to know what to do he wasn’t able to be baptized last week I had to postpone the baptism from last week to this week, but I know it was the right thing to do, because I truly could feel the spirt and helped me to find out what the problem was with the brother I have also felt the spirt really strongly this week with the new video the church has made " A Savior is Born" invite everyone to see it truly is so special and I felt the spirit so strong! how beautiful is it to know that Christ came for us that he truly is our Savior and our best friend and is always here to help us and has given us a guide the Holy Ghost, Let us all look for the Holy Ghosh this week he truly does give us so much strength and help like it says in the scripture John 14:26-27 what a blessing it is to have a member of the trinity with us always if we look for him :) I’m so grateful for the guidance he has given to me in the mission and the help and comfort I have felt and I know that it is the same for all of us he is a guide in life and will help us but we have to look for him and I now that if you guys watch this video you will find him and he will touch your hearts :) I love you guys so much Thanks for everything

 Love Elder Tanner 

Christmas. Mormon. Org 


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