Monday, November 2, 2015

Dia de los Muertos

Hello everyone, I'm hoping that you all had a very happy Halloween ate lots of candy, carved lots of pumpkins, and got to go through lots of corn mazes!! haha because that's not what they do here!! haha its a little different Halloween here is called Dia de los muertos! it meas Day of the Dead! Pretty crazy right its kind of like Memorial Day, but still super different, all the kids run around in costumes, but there not costumes of power rangers or ghosts they were masks of like a skelton face with makeup haha its pretty crazy and freaked me out a little but, it was super cool the people here have a lot of respect for their dead, everyone... EVERYONE goes to the cemetery! and they decorate it super cool, and they all hang out in the cemetery sunday night and practiclay all day monday it is super cool, but it's a tradition pretty crazy, and it's kinda different their mentallity on the dead, I can't really explain it right now but it's a lot differnet then ours being members of this church.

This week was pretty good, the Family Morales couldn't go to church, because they had to go to the cemetery, and also there Grandma got sick and had to take care of her :), but they are super excited to go to church this week :) We went to Michels house in the morning Sunday to wake her up and invite her but she stayed up late because of the dia de los muertos and didn't go to church, its a tradition here kind of a annoying haha, because even the ward members didn't go to church haha, there were very few members, it makes me super sad, but I just hope that we can make sure that we are converted that is something that I have been trying to learn about, being converted and having a testimony they are topics really interesting and I invite all to learn more about what is the conversion and how we can achieve it :) Michel is getting a lot better she is setting lots of goals to be better and be more humble :), but we are going to keep working with her, I'm super sorry for the short letter we have a lesson right about now that we have to go and teach, but I'm super happy to hear that you guys are doing good and that I have another NEPHEW!!!! ahhhhh whoooo, Felicidades!!! Mis hermanos Jordan and Krystle :) I love you guys so much and please pray for the Family Morales this week so that they can keep learning and progressing and have the desire to be members converted in the church :) 

I love you guys so much
Love Elder Tanner 

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